Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Remember Poland?

"He forgot Poland!" Bush's famous words during the 2004 election campaign when Bush reminded Kerry of the many countries that made up the vast coalition of the willing.

Seems that Poland was also willing to be a way station for the administrations extraordinary rendition program. Leading the investigation into the CIA's secret prison plan in Europe, Dick Marty, a Swiss senator, today released a report with specific evidence that both Poland and Romania were part of the coalition of the willing.

Poland and Romania were "detainee transfer/drop-off" points on the way to indefinite detention and torture, a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Of course, Poland has a history with secret detention facilities.

Remember Auschwitz? Was that a cheap shot? I can hear the groans.

Ah well, never forget Poland.


Blogger Chantal said...

where are all my new blog entries? what happened to the source which i depend on for news? the silence is deafening - keep em coming, brave prohet!

2:57 PM  
Blogger glosser said...

so much has happened in the world - the first bear to appear in germany in 150 years, only to get killed, the world cup - and i so miss thaddeus' take. come back to the blogsphere!

9:58 PM  

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